Is Actually a DSLR Necessary For Getting Quality Pictures?

One of the more troubling questions of 2017 is whether a superior quality DSLR camera is necessary for carrying great pictures. When it comes to professional photos, the answer used to be absolutely. No one could take pictures issues smartphone that would look anywhere near as good as ones taken on a DIGITAL CAMERA. While DSLRs have carried on to improve, and so do mobile phones, and the answer is not as easy as one might think.

That’s why some individuals decided to go with smartphones which may have superior cameras. Because there are tons of them away on the market nowadays, this question is in the forefront of people’s minds. So today, many potential photographers and videographers aren’t sure if they should invest in a high quality DSLR camera to capture the content they want.

Is A DSLR Necessary For Premium quality Content?

Smartphones And 4K

Inside the past few months, this question has become increasingly popular. That’s because the most recent smartphones are able to capture 4K video resolution. This is important because there are some Digital slrs out there that cost hundreds of dollars, however they can only capture 1080 pixels resolution. While it’s still HD, it’s not upwards to par with the 4K resolution that the iPhone 7 and other new smartphones can capture. So when it comes to filming video, unless of course National Geographic is paying you for your job, a smartphone will do just fine for an amateur videographer.

The Mega Megapixel Variation

The first big difference in smartphone cameras and DSLRs is their megapixels. Also some of the latest iPhone models, the seven and 7 Plus, are only able to take 12MP photos. While it may be definitely a lot for a smartphone, it’s not a lot compared to mid-range DSLRs. Even the Rebel T3i and T5i, basic DSLR cameras, can capture with 18MP. If you want to get into wedding or portrait photography, you definitely want to go with a high quality DSLR camera, however the iPhone 7 As well as has a fancy “portrait” mode.

The Zoom

Another major difference between smartphones and DSLR cameras is their ability to focus in for a good photo. While the iPhone several Plus does have a 2x optical zoom, it’s nothing compared to some of the fancier lenses you can use with a high quality DIGITAL SLR camera. Plus, one of the biggest advantages with DSLRs is that you can purchase and upgrade different lenses, depending on which you’re shooting.

Microphone Quality

Another big concern for videographers is microphone quality. With DSLRs, you can attach a high quality microphone right to the camera to make a great video. A DSLR camera is a necessity if you would like to pursue a profession in professional videography, particularly when sound quality is important.

Spark Camera

Alternatively, there are some advantages to taking video on a newer smartphone. For example, the Spark Camera software, that can be downloaded on Apple devices, makes creating short videos easier than ever before. If you have an iPhone and just want to take some videos of you and your friends, then Spark Camera is the way to go.

This debate will rage on, but there is no clear answer. If you’re on a budget and already have a brand new smartphone, you might as well hold off on buying a DIGITAL SLR, unless you plan to be considered a professional photographer.

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